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For Code/Plan Review Questions or Administrative Questions contact:

Inspection Coordinators @ 980-314-3125

Last Revised 12/27/2007

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Special Inspections Form Downloads

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SI Scope
Special Inspections Scope.
How to Register a Firm
To register your firm w/, please provide the information requested on this form.
Appendix B
This form details the minimum information we need in order to review a project for compliance with North Carolina State Building Codes. The Appendix B must be completed, reproduced and submitted with your building plans. The Building Code Summary is intended to be an integral part of any construction project and drawings submitted for review; showing specific details needed for building and occupancy type, in meeting the North Carolina State Building Code.

Note: Review each Appendix B to make an informed decision as to which one is required based on the code your are designing your project under.
Statement of Special Inspections
This document is required to be completed and on the drawings close to the Appendix B for plan review. The RDPIRC is responsible for establishing the scope of Special Inspections and indicating it on the Statement of Special Inspections for review by the Department during plan review. If any changes are made after plan review they are required to be clearly marked and brought to the attention of the Building Inspector prior to the Pre-Construction Meeting for approval. Major changes of scope may be required to go back through plan review.
Schedule of Special Inspections
Schedule of Special Inspections.
Pre-Construction Meeting Checklist
This checklist is to be used as the basis for the Pre-Construction Meeting by the RDPIRC and the Building Inspector to ensure all required items are covered during the Pre-Construction Meeting. The Department encourages all parties to review the SI Program on prior to the Pre-Construction Meeting.
Meeting Minutes
Meck-SI Dev't Team Meeting Minutes from March 20, 2008.
Replacement of a RDPIRC
The following procedure is for replacing the Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge (RDPIRC) within the Special Inspections process if due to unforeseen reasons or issues that have been raised.
Special Inspections Final Report
This is the final report written by the Designated Special Inspector indicating that all special inspections have been completed for one or multiple inspection tasks.
This is the final letter written by the Registered Design Professional in Responsible Charge indicating that the Special Inspections process as described in the statement of Special Inspections has been completed.